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Mr. R M Prabhudesai

Mr. R M Prabhudesai

Once you have identified the need to take life insurance, you should know about getting some basic steps right to select the best life insurance policy.

Select the best life insurance policy in easy steps

  • Engage an insurance advisor
While this may seem trivial, engaging a reliable and competent insurance advisor at the initial stage in your quest for life insurance is critical. Most individuals are not capacitated to take a decision by themselves and need the expertise of an insurance advisor.
  • Calculate the life cover
The insurance advisor will help you calculate the amount of life cover – or the sum assured. He will assess sources of your income, number of your dependents, your debts and liabilities and your expenses based on your lifestyle and arrive at a life cover. He will also decide the best plan be it – a term plan, endowment plan, unit-link plan or a combination of plans, to help provide you with an optimum life cover.

Likewise, if you have other needs like planning for your child’s education or marriage, pension for your retirement or a woman’s insurance plan for women, trust your advisor to do the math and come up with an ideal solution.

  • Compare insurance plans
Since there are many insurance companies in the market offering a variety of plans, you need to be sure you select the most suitable one. The insurance advisor will do the homework by comparing life insurance plans from various insurers across relevant parameters recommending the most apt plan based on your needs.

In India, the breadwinner’s affiliation towards his family’s future is very strong with even the most ambitious of professionals placing the family’s well-being and financial security above everything else.

To someone who spends the better part of his day working to provide comfort and luxuries to his family, financial security might seem redundant as he is already providing for the family’s finances.

The question that needs answering is whether the family has the financial resources to maintain the current standard of living if something happens to the breadwinner?

Not surprisingly, they aren’t confident that their family members will have the same lifestyle tomorrow when they are gone and the family’s finances dry up.

A reliable and competent insurance advisor plays very crucial role in defining your financial goals and security. Mr. R. M. Prabhudesai, having 14 years vast experience in Insurance Domain is the person who can fulfil your needs by assisting you to take each and every important decision to secure you and your as well as families future.  He started his career as an insurance consultant in May 2003 and in 2006, he took LIC Agency as Full Time Profession.

Major Milestones achieved by Mr. Prabhudesai:-

  • MDRT in 2006 – Million Dollar Round Table Conference, Highest Recognition in Insurance Domain.
  • 2nd Agency in 2007 and achieved MDRT since 2007.
  • In year in 2008 and 2009, 3 MDRT.
  • 1 COT and 1 MDRT or double MDRT agency every year since 2010 to 2017.
  • Servicing approximately 10000 policies throughout Mumbai.
  • Done Financial planning for approximately 3500 + families till date.
  • Dedicated team of 15 members for serving our clients and LIC's policy holders.
  • Regular Students of IOE – Institute of Excellence.
  • Doing mentoring of 75+ professionals in the Insurance Sector for the last 2 years.
  • Addressed more than 50000 Corporate individuals for Financial planning.
  • Conducting Group meetings and seminars on Financial planning in +50 cities throughout India.
  • Visited countries: UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hongkong-Macow, Japan & Kenya with LIC.